Penile Deficiency Health Information

Penis Hypoplasia, Penile Torosion, Curvatures and Peroynie’s Disease

three dimensional view of the penisThere are several different definitions of the term penile deficiency. When some men say they have a penile deficiency they mean that they have a small penis and when others say it they mean that they are lacking a growth hormone inside the penis that makes it grow. While there are plenty of reasons why men can have a small penis, it only matters if they are comfortable or not. If most men were comfortable then we would not have to write articles on the subject.

Another term for penile deficiency is penis hypoplasia. This can start as early as while you are in the womb. It happens when the genital tubercle fails to grow. While most men who were born with this may only realize that they were short changed. But there are hormone treatments available and penis enlargement surgeries and implants that can work wonders. But there are other deficiencies that are attributed to men who have small penises. There are men who are born with what doctors call a webbed or buried penis.

Penile Torosion and micropenis are also conditions. Any and all of these conditioned that we mentioned are termed deficiencies, which simply means lacking. It does not mean incomplete or not whole. Some men are so obsessed with having a large penis that they will not stop looking into any and all remedies and that includes surgeries. Most men may consider themselves deficient because they average less than what medical science calls average.

Healthy maleCurvatures and Peroynie’s Diseases are considered deficiencies but every one of these can be treated. No matter what type of abnormality you have, there is a treatment or a surgery for all of it. Another term for penile deficiency is sometimes called erectile dysfunction. Most men think of ED as men who cannot get an erection. But not for the reasons they think. In a lot of cases hormones are needed to repair that problem and not just a simple pill of Viagara.

There are oral medications that can be used in order to treat ED or medications that are injected. Penis pumps used to be recommended but today, the purpose of the penis pump is not quite what it used to be. There are implants and extenders that you can try. Sometimes in some men there is a physiological problem involved. People who suffer from ED have their own story and every case is different.

Consult a doctor and see which course of treatment that they recommend. Most often doctors will not recommend surgery unless it is a last minute option. If you are married or engaged try asking your partner to be involved in the treatments because these treatments will affect the both of you.