Penile Implant Health Information

Penile Implants, Enhancement Phalloplasty, Length and Girth Surgery

penile piercingAs common as breast implants are to women, penile implants are becoming the newest trend for men. More men are expressing their dissatisfaction with penis size then ever before. There are so many different products on the market like penis pumps and pills that are used to try to make the penis bigger. Those methods do not work. The only full proof method of increasing the size of the penis is through penile implants. Since this is a surgical procedure, it is very important to consult your doctor before going through any surgery.

There are different methods to surgical implants which is called enhancement phalloplasty. These implants can create a longer penis as well as increase the circumference. We will examine the three main categories of penile implants. We are not recommending that men rush out and get these procedures done but we would like to keep them informed of what these surgeries are.

The Girth Surgery

If you are wanting to increase the girth of the penis then you will require a Penis Enlargement Girth Surgery. This method includes an injection of silicone or PMMA which is a transparent plastic which is a synthetic polymer of methyl. The injection is made into the penis as well as the scrotum which in turn will create an enlarged penis. It is always important to mention that this type of surgery is more successful then the surgery for making the penis longer, which we will discuss next.

penile implant toolIn some cases men noticed an increase of an inch or more after the surgery. Silicone and PMMA is not the only substances that can be injected into the penis. There is mineral oil, collagen and this may sound strange but KY Jelly has some of the same effects. These techniques used to be used to male adult movie stars. But more and more average men are considering this as an alternative. But with the good comes the bad. This can be reversed by but there may be some left over affects such as loss of sensation, the inability to do any kind of penetrating intercourse, scarring and even deformation. These are some things that you should consider before having this surgery.

Penis Length Surgery

Some men are not so concerned about the girth of their penis but the length. It has always been a debate ( to be kind ) with men to see who has the larger penis. It starts back in Junior High School. Most men don’t know is that about a third of the penis is actually located inside the body. When you choose to use penis lengthening surgery what happens is that it involves the release of the fundifomr ligaments and the suspensory ligaments which are attached to two erectile bodies to the pubic bone.

Once the penis is stretched the ligaments are then divided very close to the pubic bone until all of the midline attachment s are all freed up creating more length. The penis is stretched about 20-30 millimeters. This surgery should be considered very carefully because you could lose sensation as well. This surgery cannot be reversed.

Inflatable Implants

This is the last method of surgery. What happens here is that the two corpora cavernosa in the penis are replaced with inflatable penile implants. Almost like balloons. This type of surgery is used as a therapeutic surgery by men who suffer from impotence. Inflatable implants in the groin or scrotum can be used in order to create an erection. These implants can be cylinders with internal pumps and these are normal size but they do make bigger ones if you so choose to.

There are many option for men who wish to create a larger penis. But if you choose any type of surgical procedure , please consult your doctor and do as much research as you can. Make the best decision as well as the most informative one.